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3D night light

3D night light

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Light source type

Voltage ≤36V(V)

Shade material Acrylic

Dimensions 220X140 (mm)

Switch Type Touch

Style, modern simplicity

Seven colors: red, green, blue, yellow, enamel, purple, white, remote control adjustable 16 colors

Product Usage:

1 For home bedroom, suitable for breastfeeding mothers to take care of the baby at night, children, old people are also applicable.

2 night lighting 3D stereo effect is realistic, setting off the atmosphere of the bedroom. For example, the candlelight dinner lights up the love night light, exudes your deep love.

 3 Christmas, Halloween, various festivals can be applied to increase the atmosphere.  

4 units of gifts, gifts for the school company annual meeting celebration, can be printed LOGO. 5 can be used as a bedside lamp to accompany you to sleep peacefully at night.

Light color
Light source power
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